Thursday, December 6, 2007

1160. "Roller Abstractors for Lever Watches", patent number 149,760, used by a watchmaker to remove rollers.

1161. Haven't been able to verify any of the guesses for this device:

1162. Miter Box, patent number 109,190, a device for guiding handsaws in cutting miter joints.

From Gil Gandenberger's collection

A shot of another one that I saw at an auction:

Larger image

1163. Seal puller, seen in use in photos 20 and 21 here.

1164. These are overshoes for a horse, patent number 1,096,912.

1165. This tool is used to install or remove calks from a horse shoe:

Modern day strategies for winter riding on ice and snow can be seen here.

1166. Ball starter for a muzzle loading firearm, a visitor of this site describes how it's used:
Put the chunk of patching cloth across the muzzle. Ball in the middle, push it in with the brass part on the larger diameter section. Use your patch knife to cut the patch off flush with the muzzle. Use the longer end to push the patched ball a few inches down the bore. Finish seating with the ramrod.

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